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£4.5 billion

in turnover expected to be generated from the book publishing industry in 2013-14.

450 million

Harry Potter books sold worldwide.

24 million

kilos of books and magazines are exported by OHL worldwide on an annual basis.


£311 billion

of sales revenue was generated in UK retail market in 2012.

22 million

orders were processed by OHL Contract Logistics in 2012.


of UK retail sales will be made online by 2016, as predicted by Boston Consulting Group.


£21 billion

of revenue was generated by the UK fashion industry in 2012.


of the UK luxury fashion market is now represented by mens items.

816k jobs

are supported by the UK fashion industry which is the largest employer of all the creative industries.


£1.8 billion

estimated exports by the UK Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Industry in 2013-14 and imports amount to £6.0 billion.

Top employer

Samsung Electronics (UK) has been certified as one of Britain's Top Employers 2013.

47.8 million

Apple iPhones and 22.9 million Apple iPads sold in 2012.

Hi-Tech / Electronics

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